Women's Motorcycle Club - Springfield, MO

What's with those frogs?


by: Kathy Heller Member ID # 1322 Ontario, WI

So, you want to know about the frogs, huh? It's simple, really. If you were "frogged" at the Ride-In, it means that someone out there thinks a lot of you and wants you to know!! The tradition of "frogging" someone was born at the 1994 Ride-In in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Several WOW support members decided to do the 'guy thing' with a ride to Toadsuck, Arkansas - just so they could say, "been there, done that." They searched for souvenirs to prove their visit to Toadsuck. Not one to be outdone, one ingenious member, who shall remain nameless, returned to Eureka Springs with a toad, which he somehow managed to put in my hotel bathtub. From there, the little fellow made the rounds of several hotel bathtubs, although we never discovered just how they were able to get into our rooms! The next day, a fake hotel toad appeared in my bathtub. (Still a mystery how they were getting into locked rooms.) Eureka Springs hosts a specialtiy shop catering to frog lovers, and given that frogs, stuffed or otherwise, were easier to come by then toads, the tradition of "frogging" was born. For a while, frogs appeared at the most unlikely times and in the most unlikely places for most every WOW member in the State of Wisconsin. Of course, we ladies couldn't be outdone, so we 'frogged" the guys in return. It was rumored that Wisconsin's support members appointed a frog "procurement officer" who scoured garage sales for furry friends. This guy took his job seriously, and the frogs multiplid like, like, well - like tadpoles. As time passed WOW friends from other states have found frogs on their bikes, in their tents, peering out of their luggage - anywhere and everywhere! It's taken on a life of its own these days, but basically, being "frogged" is a lot like getting a hug from a friend. It's become a WOW tradition.